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Anonymous said: May I ask what is happening to HK & why are ppl protesting. I read some of the news but I don't really get it though...


yes I’ll crash course you :) (more like copying and pasting a crash course session i had earlier)(it’s quite lengthy)

So in 2012 was chief executive elections. He’s like mayor
The candidates were chosen by mainland like nominated. And in the actual elections it’s all electoral votes and all those ppl are
chosen by mainland So it’s like hk had no say in their chief executive

And like yanoe one country two systems. Hk ppl are used to the freedom and democracy. They’re used to expressing their ideas
Hk ppl are totally accepting of it
But China isn’t
These past three years, there’s been more and more cases of “random” attacks physically and legally on freedom of expression
And the chief executive been passing stuff that benefits mainland ppl coming to hk to develop and stuff
Yes mainland ppl bring business and money but more ppl don’t like them.
They come take all the rresources like school spots and public housing and medical benefits
And they raise the price of all goods like drugs and even baby milk (cuz it was poisonous in China )
There’s been protests and dislike all along

In June
Local political groups set up a citywide poll
It proposed three different democratic election possibilities
It went for like a week
Paper elections. Stations. App polls. Online poll
And guess how many ppl voted

Nearly 800k
Compared to the “689” electoral votes for leung
Lol ppl call him 689 sometimes
I swear whenever I see tht number I think of him

And like aug31 China released some statement flat out saying no democratic elections
They’re like pointing at basic law saying it doesnt promise democracy
But other ppl say tht basic law says to promise chief executive chosen by ppl. Idk depends

So this last week A local political group, led by student activists led movement to cut school. High school and college students participate
Leave school not education. Oh and another reason cut school was to protest against national education. Like China wants to force edu on hk to brainwash ppl love mainland unconditionally
Tbh hk ppl support the students
Some teachers join and give lessons outdoors
In the end only a few thousand camped outside at this public area. Pretend times square
They plan to do it for a week

But on Friday. Supposedly last day
Police came
And started forcing the students away
The students have been good the past week. They just been protesting requesting for leung to say something
They know that their protests might not actually bring democratic elections
But they jjust want to EXPRESS

Pro China ppl are like hahahahaha so many ppl support democratic elections but look at how little ppl protest
So starting sat
Tons of other normal hk ppl went to protest to support the sstudents
At max point had like 50k ppl on streets. Originally they were gunna occupy central next week oct1 but they decide to make it early cuz of the violence on student s

Oh yea and jul1 tons of ppl protested on the streets. It’s a annual thing since 1997 but this year more serious

And these two days
Police have been arresting ppl for illegal assembly or some shit
Even arrested the head of the student activist group
And sprayed pepper spray and throw tear gas bombs
None of them have weapons
They aren’t violent
They’re just mass gathering
What u charging them for? Blocking traffic fml
And in such a modern city
And theyre dragging ppl away like literally on the streets aka scratching them
And taking away their speakers and mic and using police cars to block more ppl from coming

Ppl can walk even if they shutdown the subway station
So ppl been bringing daily necessities to the protesters
And ppl are all wearing goggles and using umbrellas to protect from spray
And the police push away the umbrella to get into ppl faces
And the police are standing armed with humongous guns
Think they shot before but like not at someone
I swear if anyone dies China is so screwed. The whole Asia is already supporting hk
And Taiwan pres already big statement support

And that petition link I put up
Yesterday morning only like 9k but now
Tbh I feel that Obama is too busy with middle east to gaf but according to the petition rules he at least has to acknowledge it

 Like the police being so violent is the works of leung
He’s that type of being unaccepting of other s
Think of this like occupy wall street

And it just breaks my heart seeing hk so united and so many ppl support this issue.I used to not understand why ppl get so emotional abt politics. But now I learned that it’s not about politics. It’s about a place u care abt
Like if only leung let ppl protest. Forget the fact he ignore them. Why be violent

And next week. Oct1 China national day. Oct2 some Buddhist holiday public holiday
Definitely more ppl will come out on the streets
They’re screwed
More ppl say continue cut school cut work

China needs to learn to respect ppl
Hk isn’t the middle east
They don’t burn down buildings
Im really worried how this will end
What will become of Hong kong

 It kinda makes me mad to see some hk ppl going to parties and hanging with friends. Like I know some ppl do it for work and been planned earlier but I just cant be hhappy these few days

Leung is such an ass. Yanoe how us is so big on their politicians have pretty families assuming thtll mean the politician is good at governing
So like leungs daughter openly express on social media bashing her dad
For his policies and asshole character.

 I just hope violence won’t get worse
Tbh the opinion for democratic voting is getting stronger and stronger even tho next “election” not until 2017
Hk ppl just want to be heard to be respected for their opinions
I respect the strong will of hk more ppl are going to the streets despite the violence

And this weekend been having movement to wear and tie yellow ribbons on the streets to support. Lol idk why yellow but im wondering if it has to do with how the student activist group leader last name is Wong “yellow” LOL but tomorrow hk has an addition movement wear black to support

First of all stop the violence. It’ll only lead to more protests
Like this whole deal could’ve been so peaceful
Like the students were so good. They cleaned up after themselves and stuff



Does this look familiar to you?

What happened in Ferguson a month ago is happening in Hong Kong. It’s happening now, yet no one is seeing us.
We’re screaming into an empty void and no one wants to hear us.
We’re suffering on the streets of our city because we wanted democracy. We still want it. But the government will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening and the army is being sent in tonight.
This city of 7 million people is going to become another Tiananmen Square if we don’t do anything about it. And then they will forget us.
Don’t let that happen.








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They may both be dark!Nicks but their clothes tell a lot about their personalities.

They may both be dark!Nicks but their clothes tell a lot about their personalities.


oh Barnham you tried so hard……


oh Barnham you tried so hard……

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